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Khoja and Jain Studies Lecture: Gujarati Translation Panel


Migration of Gujarati speakers to Western Europe and North American combined with the digital revolution has created new challenges for the transmission of religious ideas across linguistic divides. This panel of the world’s foremost Gujarati translation experts will discuss the challenges of translation from and into Gujarati.

Khoja Studies Listserv launched


To stay updates on events around the world related to Asian-Africans, please join the listserv.!forum/khojastudies

New Book: Ismailism and Islam in Modern South Asia


This book explores the evolution of a Shia Ismaili identity and crucial aspects of the historical forces that conditioned the development of the Muslim modern in late colonial South Asia. It traces the legal process that, since the 1860s, recast a Shia Imami identity for the Ismailis, and explicates the public career of Imam Aga Khan III amid heightened religious internationalism since the late nineteenth century, the age of 'religious internationals'.