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Islam in Latin America

11/07/2017 02:00 PM

This presentation views the story of Islam and Muslim communities- past and present- as part of, rather than as alien to, Latin America and the Caribbean. Instead of telling the stories in isolation from one another, Chitwood shares an overview of the historical and contemporary story of Muslims in Latin America and the Caribbean while not losing sight of hemispheric connections across the Americas.

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Here’s why it’s a good thing to raise civic-minded kids


More than ever, politics is a volatile arena, one many parents may feel their children have no place in. But encouraging civic involvement in children and teens means raising individuals who are more thoughtful, compassionate and kind. And there are a variety of ways in which your child can become (safely) politically involved.

Electorat mauricien: le moment n'est-il pas venu de revoir le svstème?


La commission électorale a rendu publique ses statistiques pour l'année 2017 cette semaine et le constat est le même. D'année en année le nombre d'électeurs à Maurice chute. De 2016 à ce jour il y a eu une baisse de 4 016 électeurs dans les 21 circonscriptions de la République (20 à Maurice+ 1 Rodrigues).

News articles on Dr. Shafick Osman's research


Interviews in French with Dr. Osman.