Ahmadi Studies

FIU's Department of Religious Studies has engaged the Ahmadi community as part of its initiative on bringing to the fore minority perspectives from the Islamic world. The Ahmadi community has had an important role in the development of modern Islam, from resisting the Nazi occupation in Europe to arguably the most famous translation and commentary of the Quran in the English language. The official persecution of the community from Pakistan to the Near East and Southeast Asia can be an international indicator of the level of pluralism of contemporary Muslim societies. The complex theology of the Ahmadi community and its transnational organization are some of the topics for academic study that are of pursued at FIU through public lectures, field research grants, mosque visits as pedagogy, and the research master’s programme. As the first academic Ahmadi studies unit, we look forward to partnering with scholars and institutions to further develop this field of study.

  • 2014 lecture by Teena Purohit (Boston University)
  • 2014 lecture by Qasim Rashid
  • 2015 lecture by Adil Khan (Loyola University- New Orleans)